1 d’agost de 2006

horoscope: august

No, por favor, otra vez no (aka Estoy harta de ser enfermera):
As August starts off, someone who apparently means a great deal to you and is very close to you may be in the hospital or feeling low. This person could be a parent, friend, spouse, or other prominent female in your life. It will be up to you to provide the care and moral support to keep this person's feelings buoyed and cheery, and indeed, there would be no one better at this task than you.

Sobre la puesta que no quiero hacer (sola):
At the full moon, August 9, you will be completing a big work project. Alas, although this month is usually vacation time for most, you won't have a moment to breathe at the office this week. Saturn will oppose that moon, so the pressure to perform will be on, and if a job has been promised, you will be working hard to deliver on it.
If you lack confidence in the project that you are working on this month, don't let others know, as they might capitalize on your insecurities by trying to leapfrog ahead of you politically. The early-to-middle part of this month will strain the nerves of the strongest and most robust souls, but you tend to worry a bit more than most.
You've developed excellent leadership skills, and now is the time to show them off. When you have Mars in your sign, you are said to have a decided advantage, for others tend to approve the plans you suggest.

Sobre el mal humor:
Virgos have a strongly developed nervous system that makes you kind and sensitive to others, but in times like this, you'll be over-stimulated and prone to overreact. See if you can find ways to relax with a movie or a massage, have fun time with friends, or find other ways to unwind. This month, it will be a necessity.

Sobre la vuelta de mi hermano y su parentela al país, y la que se va a armar:
One close relationship, most likely with a romantic partner, is likely to be explosive and difficult on or near August 13. That's when Mars, the planet of war, will stand toe-to-toe against Uranus, planet of unpredictable, explosive events.
You may completely melt down at this time, and since you will be either overworked or overtired and not feel at full potential due to the full moon that will have appeared earlier that week, you are likely to have a very short fuse. Often this type of combative aspect can mark an ending.

Sobre mi cumpleaños:

Everything will get better as you get to the new moon in Virgo, your annual cosmic birthday gift, due on August 23. This will be a truly superb new moon, full of promise for a better year ahead, doubly so if you were born on or near this date. New doors will begin to open for you and the past will no longer have a strong hold on you. You may have been a bit hesitant about turning your face to the future and ridding yourself of people or endeavors that have held you back, but you will see that you must at this new moon...